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What Is Blogging and Should Nurses Be Doing This?

What is blogging? Well, blogging is sharing information on your blog. So what’s a blog? A blog is basically an online information site that publishes articles or posts, photos, links, video and audio, made by the site creator known as a blogger. I call myself a career blogger who just happens to be a nurse. Most blogs allow readers to leave comments creating interaction between the blogger and their audience which is what makes blogs different from a static web page.

About Social Media – For Nurses

So if you’re new to social media asking the question, “what is social media” this is the book I would recommend you start with, all about social media for nurses – The Nurses Social Media Advantage by Robert Fraser RN.

A Job Seekers New Best Friend – LinkedIn

In a recent post I talked about how nurses should have a presence on LinkedIn and I even recommended a course about LinkedIn so now I want to talk about setting up your LinkedIn profile on this powerful networking site. But first I want to say a few things about LinkedIn.

nurse sitting in front of computer looking for a nursing job

Your Nursing Job Search – Do This First!

Are you a new nurse or a nurse returning to the workforce after taking time off for whatever reason?

Do you think starting your nursing job search begins with getting online and filling out applications? Or you don’t even know where to start? Well, you may be shocked to learn that filling out applications on job boards and perfecting your paper resume is not what you should be doing first, if at all.

3 Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media is a tool that nursing business owners or any small business owner can use to successfully market their products and services but if you don’t have a solid foundation to start with, you won’t be successful. What do I mean by this? Here’s 3 social media marketing tips to start you off on the right foot, especially for those new to social media marketing.