nurse putting her nursing resume online

3 Tips Posting Your Nursing Resume Online

It’s been over 10 years since I’ve done my nursing resume so when I started on his I realized I needed to brush up on how to set up a good resume  online, something I have never done before.  It now was turning out to be harder than I thought it would be. But I got through it So let me share with you what I’ve learned.

Write A Winning Nursing Resume

Need to see nursing resume examples? It can be hard to write about yourself in the best light. It sounds like bragging or full of yourself. Let me just say though that this is not the time to be shy or to hold back on your expertise, this is the time to “tote your horn!”

Nursing Resumes – 11 Tips For Success

Need help writing your nursing resumes? Here are 11 resume writing tips. Use the right format. Resumes are done in 3 different ways – chronological, functional or the combination of both. Chronological is the most widely used but functional could be used for a nurse who has been out of the work force for a while and wants to emphasize her experience rather than work history.