Independent Nurse Contractor

Kevin Ross RN BSN

Independent Nurse Contractor Kevin Ross

I first met Kevin Ross last year through a mutual friend, Anna Morrison. Anna was a co host at RN FM Radio (she has since left) along with Kevin Ross and Keith Carlson. Kevin and Keith still broadcast weekly on Mondays nights, interviewing nurses who are making a difference creating alternative careers using their nursing expertise.

So when I heard Kevin make a comment on one of the broadcasts about being an Independent Nurse Contractor I reached out to him for an interview. This has been of interest to me for quite a while and it’s nice to know someone who’s doing this and doing it well, he’s inspired me to go down this path.

What Is An Independent Nurse Contractor?

An Independent Nurse or sometimes called RN Contractor is a nurse who is paid a flat rate for a service she or he provides. This nurse is not an employee of the company, hospital or office she may be preforming her services in.  She is responsible for paying her own taxes on the income she makes and also is responsible for her own medical  insurance.