Holistic Nursing

Wisdom of the Whole – Book of the Year

I want to share with you today news about Holistic Coaching from the Bark Coaching Institute. Dr Linda Bark,PhD, RN, MCC, NC-BC, has been awarded the 2012 Book of the Year from the American Journal of Nursing. Congratulations to Dr. Bark! Below is the official Press Release and I’ve been given permission to re- publish it here.

How To Become a Holistic Nurse

I’ve written about Holistic Nursing before but wanted to provide you a simple step by step guide to follow if you’re interested in becoming a Holistic Nurse. Here’s 5 steps you can start working on now. Let me just say first, there are many complementary and alternative therapies to choose from in Holistic Health. You may become overwhelmed at first, that’s O.K., there’s tons to chose from, so take your time and pick what’s best for you.

Holistic Health 10 Amazing Specialties

Holistic Health can seem like a board term so to break it down for you I’ve created a short list of different areas a Holistic Nurse can specialize in. This is by no means all there is when working in Holistic Health, check out the book recommendation at the end of this article for more information for any nurse wanting to pursue a career in holistic health or holistic nursing.

Discover Holistic Nursing

A Holistic nurse will focus on wellness, healing and illness prevention from a spiritual and natural way. As a Holistic nurse you must have a commitment to the Holistic philosophy and an openness to go beyond traditional medicine and health care.