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Want To Be A Coach?

Want to become a Coach? Coaching is a service I see offered by every successful entrepreneur I know. I’ve even done some coaching with a few select nurses myself. But before you hang your shingle out offering coaching services here are my thoughts on what you should do first if becoming a coach is your next career move.

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Health Coach Salary In Private Practice

What is a health coach salary if you start your own Health and Wellness coaching business? This is a great alternative for RNs and LPNs who are looking to leave hospital nursing, especially with recent cut backs and lay offs of nurses, the opportunity is there to be your own boss running a successful coaching practice.

By using your current knowledge, skills and communication abilities you are well within reach of building a profitable coaching business. You can do this as a way to supplement your current income, or jump in full time, your choice. I get asked all the time what the earning potential is for nurses as a health and wellness coach in private practice. I usually respond by saying , It’s entirely up to you. You can create a 6 figure business but it’s HARD WORK!

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Where To Find Health Coaching Jobs

I recently was asked a question about health coaching jobs and instead of writing a long reply I decided to write a post answering her questions here in a blog post because I’m sure others may also want to know.

These questions actually come at a very good time, because I just did some research on Health Coaching jobs. So Thank You Maggie for your questions!

Wisdom of the Whole – Book of the Year

I want to share with you today news about Holistic Coaching from the Bark Coaching Institute. Dr Linda Bark,PhD, RN, MCC, NC-BC, has been awarded the 2012 Book of the Year from the American Journal of Nursing. Congratulations to Dr. Bark! Below is the official Press Release and I’ve been given permission to re- publish it here.