Careers In Nursing

The Truth About Your Nursing Career

Nurses, Jobs and Money. When I first read this title it reminded me of the good ole days in my nursing career when being a nurse meant making good money and being able to get a job anywhere. My nursing career would be set. Heck since the 1980s I’ve been hired for every job I applied to…

Nursing On A Cruise Ship

Nursing on a Cruise Ship If you are a registered nurse and have spent the last few years accruing a well-rounded resume of work experience, but are looking to push your health care role past the four walls you find yourself currently limited to and into a much-bigger work setting, then perhaps a job nursing on a cruise ship might just be the perfect fit.

201 Careers in Nursing Reviewed

I was asked to review this book, 201 Careers in Nursing from the Springer Publishing Company and yes they did send me a free copy of the book but rest assure, I will give my honest review, so here goes…. This book provides general information about 201 careers in nursing. It covers a basic description, skills needed, certifications/ education required and websites you can visit for more information. I’ll talk about this later in the review.

7 Adventurous Nursing Jobs – Some Outdoors!

7 Adventurous Nursing Jobs – Nurses love helping people, and for those who also love adventure, there are people to help in some exciting places. While this is by no means an exhaustive list, I think these nursing jobs are the most exciting. If you’re looking for an adventure while maintaining your career, these are the tickets for you.