Kimberly R. Ward

Kimberly R. Ward-New Book Release

Today’s post is an interview I did with new author Kimberly Raquei Ward BSN RN, who just released her first book. I met Kimberly last year online when I offered free coaching to nurses on my email list. She jumped right in and got busy with what she wanted to do and that was write a book for new nurses graduating from nursing school. Here we are 9 months later and she’s accomplished what she set out to do. I’m very proud of her and want you to get to know her.

public health nursing-nurse giving shot to patient

Public Health Nursing

Public Health Nursing is defined according to Discover as nursing which “works within the community to improve the overall health of the area.” Generally public health can happen anytime, anywhere. From my experience public health nursing is defined by three characteristics; flexibility, creativity, and compassion.

Alicia-Joy RN

Alicia Joy Nurse Entrepreneur Coach Author

I met Alicia Joy a few months back on twitter (gotta love social media) and found she was a nurse who coached other nurses, helping nurses make career changes. I also discovered she is a writer, and has written an eBook called “The Nurses Guide to Writing an eBook.”  Of course I bought it because at the time that’s what I wanted to do, write an eBook…