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crime scene forensic nursing

Explore Forensic Nursing

If investigative sciences and victim advocacy interests you, consider the challenging field of Forensic Nursing. Forensic Nurses may be called to a crime scene or an accident to work with detectives to collect evidence, and take tissue and blood samples.

Discover Health | Wellness Coaching

Health and Wellness coaches do not counsel clients; instead they have a conversation with a person, getting to know them, guiding that client to discover his or her own personal ambivalence as to why they are behaving in certain ways that affects their overall health. It’s about helping them to figure out why they are not being compliant and helping them to change that behavior into a positive outcome that best suits the client, not the coach.

What Is An Informatics Nurse?

The informatics nurse is someone who is involved in activities that focus on the methods and technologies of information for nurses, combining information science, computer science, and health care to create resources, devices, and methods required to optimize the securing, storage, retrieval and use of information in healthcare. This helps nurses to manage data effectively in the direct care of patients/clients.

All About Geriatric Care Nurse Manager

Here you will find information on becoming a Geriatric Nurse Manager, a growing specialty for nurses who want to provide a service to those individuals over the age of 65, who need additional assistance in the home. But don’t confuse Geriatric Care Manager with Case Management, there is a difference.