Unique Nursing Jobs

Alternative Nursing Careers For LPNs

While in a nursing forum the other day, answering questions about alternative nursing careers, I came across a nurse who was asking about Forensic Nursing. She is an LPN and wanted to know if there were any Forensic LPN nurses who were working in this field and how could she get a job in Forensic Nursing? Here’s the link to my answer I gave her

Become A Freelance Writer Nurses

Are you a nurse who loves to write? How about becoming a freelance writer?
As a freelance writer you could write for Health Marketers or Health Professionals who need content for their websites, emails, newsletters etc. And you’re not limited to just writing for the Health Industry, you can pick whatever it is you want to write about.
You could start a blog, write an ebook, become a ghost writer or write continuing education credits for nurses.

5 Reasons Home Care Nursing Is Not For You

I’ve seen many nurses come and go.

Many nurses have a misconception of what Home Care Nursing is. So I thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of 5 reasons why Home Care Nursing may not be for you. There are skills such as organization, flexibility and independence that go with being a Home Care Nurse….

Work From Home Nursing Jobs

work from home nursing jobs -When you think of nurses you probably think of her/him at the bedside working in a hospital or nursing home. But there are work from home nursing jobs that still allow you to work for an employer, receive benefits, paid time off and all those other perks you get working for a hospital or nursing home. The difference is you do most if not all of your work from home.

Health Coaching Job Options For Nurses

Health and wellness coaching is fast becoming a sought after nursing specialty. Nurses can become certified in this specialty after working xx amount of hours as a health and wellness coach. I’m starting to see job posting from health and wellness centers and even insurance companies are hiring health coaches to help educate the public on disease prevention and lifestyle changes.