Unique Nursing Jobs

3 Tips Writing For Nursing Publications

Writing for nursing publications can be daunting, just getting past the submission process seems overwhelming. So to help you have the best possible chance of not getting your article rejected, especially if you are new to the submission process, here are 3 common mistakes nurses make when submitting their article to a nursing journal, magazine, website or book publisher and how to avoid them.

How To Become a Holistic Nurse

I’ve written about Holistic Nursing before but wanted to provide you a simple step by step guide to follow if you’re interested in becoming a Holistic Nurse. Here’s 5 steps you can start working on now. Let me just say first, there are many complementary and alternative therapies to choose from in Holistic Health. You may become overwhelmed at first, that’s O.K., there’s tons to chose from, so take your time and pick what’s best for you.

Holistic Health 10 Amazing Specialties

Holistic Health can seem like a board term so to break it down for you I’ve created a short list of different areas a Holistic Nurse can specialize in. This is by no means all there is when working in Holistic Health, check out the book recommendation at the end of this article for more information for any nurse wanting to pursue a career in holistic health or holistic nursing.

7 Adventurous Nursing Jobs – Some Outdoors!

7 Adventurous Nursing Jobs – Nurses love helping people, and for those who also love adventure, there are people to help in some exciting places. While this is by no means an exhaustive list, I think these nursing jobs are the most exciting. If you’re looking for an adventure while maintaining your career, these are the tickets for you.