201 Careers in Nursing Reviewed

I was asked to review this book, 201 Careers in Nursing from the Springer Publishing Company and yes they did send me a free copy of the book but rest assure, I will give my honest review, so here goes…. This book provides general information about 201 careers in nursing. It covers a basic description, skills needed, certifications/ education required and websites you can visit for more information. I’ll talk about this later in the review.

Coach Yourself To A New Nursing Career!

coach yourself to a new nursing career – book review. From reading this book I realized why I kept running into that brick wall. I was doing things wrong. I was not using my natural talents to the best of my ability nor did I have a passion for what I was doing.
You can learn new skills but if you don’t have a passion or natural ability to perform these skills, well, you won’t be successful. Yeah, you can learn how to do something just to get by because you have to know it for your job or….