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Health Coach Salary In Private Practice

What is a health coach salary if you start your own Health and Wellness coaching business? This is a great alternative for RNs and LPNs who are looking to leave hospital nursing, especially with recent cut backs and lay offs of nurses, the opportunity is there to be your own boss running a successful coaching practice.

By using your current knowledge, skills and communication abilities you are well within reach of building a profitable coaching business. You can do this as a way to supplement your current income, or jump in full time, your choice. I get asked all the time what the earning potential is for nurses as a health and wellness coach in private practice. I usually respond by saying , It’s entirely up to you. You can create a 6 figure business but it’s HARD WORK!

LPN As A Legal Nurse Consultant?

Can an LPN become a Legal Nurse Consultant? This was a question asked of me recently and here’s a quick answer, YES! But read on, I’ll tell you why this is a great career choice for LPNs and where you can get your training that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. You are a nurse, you have a nursing background, nursing knowledge, expertise, you practice nursing, why would you not be able to be a legal nurse consultant or any other kind of nurse consultant?

Wisdom of the Whole – Book of the Year

I want to share with you today news about Holistic Coaching from the Bark Coaching Institute. Dr Linda Bark,PhD, RN, MCC, NC-BC, has been awarded the 2012 Book of the Year from the American Journal of Nursing. Congratulations to Dr. Bark! Below is the official Press Release and I’ve been given permission to re- publish it here.

Learn How To Be A Coach – Nurses

Do you want to learn how to be a coach, nurses? I’ve listed a few of the approved coaching programs below that will help you achieve certification as a Board Certified Nurse Coach. Listed are 4 coaching programs to choose from depending on your needs as a new coach, such as becoming a life coach, career coach, health and wellness….

New Nurse Coach Certification Program

I’m very excited today to bring you information on a new Nurse Coach Certification program. Up until now there has not been a nationally recognized accredited nurse coaching program for all registered nurses. Yes, there are companies out there that certified you by their standards and practices but they are programs opened to the public, not specific to nurses. Don’t get me wrong, these programs are great and as you will see below they are required for you to qualify to take the Nurse Coach Examination.