7 Tips For Stressed Out Nurses

Stressed out nurses – That once energetic, upbeat, ready to help anyone at a moments notice nurse is no longer present. While there is always going be some amount of stress with the work that we nurses do, it is within our power to mange compassion fatigue by having daily rituals or habits in place to combat that stress monster who tries to creep in from time to time. Here are 7 of my best tips I’ve learned along the way on how you can manage your stress.

Florence Nightingale

Fun Facts About Florence Nightingale

Did you know Florence Nightingale was recruited by the British Military to help introduce female nurses into military hospitals in Turkey. Doctors were not happy to see female nurses in military hospitals but as the reality of war set in nurses became valuable and welcomed contributors to the sick and dying veterans. Florence Nightingale also was the first to see patients as a whole, what we call Holistic Nursing today, treating not just the symptoms but the environment you live in, how you feel and what resources you had available to you and your beliefs systems and most importantly she believed in prevention of illness.

Believe you can quote Nikos Kazantzakis

Want To Be A Coach?

Want to become a Coach? Coaching is a service I see offered by every successful entrepreneur I know. I’ve even done some coaching with a few select nurses myself. But before you hang your shingle out offering coaching services here are my thoughts on what you should do first if becoming a coach is your next career move.

For Mature Nurses Only

Mature Nurses – Retirement these days is not what it used to be and “The Longer Goodbye” as quoted in a New York Times headline about retirement, is happening across all industries. So for mature nurses ( in your 50s or 60s) who want to retire soon or you’re considering leaving nursing but remaining in the the workforce, here is a list of questions to ask yourself now.