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Write A Winning Nursing Resume

Need to see nursing resume examples? It can be hard to write about yourself in the best light. It sounds like bragging or full of yourself. Let me just say though that this is not the time to be shy or to hold back on your expertise, this is the time to “tote your horn!”

sign pointing health coaching jobs ahead

Where To Find Health Coaching Jobs

I recently was asked a question about health coaching jobs and instead of writing a long reply I decided to write a post answering her questions here in a blog post because I’m sure others may also want to know.

These questions actually come at a very good time, because I just did some research on Health Coaching jobs. So Thank You Maggie for your questions!

Lori Radcliffe RN

Interview With Fitness Nurse – Lori Radcliffe

Lori Radcliffe RN is the founder of Fitness Nurse Consultantand I had the pleasure of asking her about this alternative nursing career. She has combined her background in fitness with her nursing expertise into one extraordinary career and signature programs for nurses who want to do the same. She is the perfect example of how any nurse can take a passion and turn it into a thriving and successful business. Be sure to read to the end to learn more about the programs she offers to nurses.

3 Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media is a tool that nursing business owners or any small business owner can use to successfully market their products and services but if you don’t have a solid foundation to start with, you won’t be successful. What do I mean by this? Here’s 3 social media marketing tips to start you off on the right foot, especially for those new to social media marketing.