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Empowering Nurses Through Collaboration

As a nurse do you collaborate with others? The truth is, going it alone can lead to overwork and burnout for you, and can create unnecessary stress and tension in your workplace. It can breed competition, fear, dishonesty, tunnel vision and inefficiency. Does that sound familiar to you? I know as nurses we tend to think we have to do it all ourselves and asking for help is a sign of weakness or that no one will help but by thinking this way you limit yourself and set yourself up for having a miserable day. I know, I’ve been there.

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Want To Be A Coach?

Want to become a Coach? Coaching is a service I see offered by every successful entrepreneur I know. I’ve even done some coaching with a few select nurses myself. But before you hang your shingle out offering coaching services here are my thoughts on what you should do first if becoming a coach is your next career move.

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Health Coach Salary In Private Practice

What is a health coach salary if you start your own Health and Wellness coaching business? This is a great alternative for RNs and LPNs who are looking to leave hospital nursing, especially with recent cut backs and lay offs of nurses, the opportunity is there to be your own boss running a successful coaching practice.

By using your current knowledge, skills and communication abilities you are well within reach of building a profitable coaching business. You can do this as a way to supplement your current income, or jump in full time, your choice. I get asked all the time what the earning potential is for nurses as a health and wellness coach in private practice. I usually respond by saying , It’s entirely up to you. You can create a 6 figure business but it’s HARD WORK!