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Learn About Nurse Life Care Planning

Nurse Life Care Planning is an emerging field and is a specialized subset of case management that deals with catastrophic injury, personal injury, and chronic illness. It is a systematic method of identifying and quantifying the many needs of an individual, including surgeries, therapies, medicines, assisted devices, home modifications, estimated costs etc. You need to be able to project future medical and non-medical needs.

Discover Holistic Nursing

A Holistic nurse will focus on wellness, healing and illness prevention from a spiritual and natural way. As a Holistic nurse you must have a commitment to the Holistic philosophy and an openness to go beyond traditional medicine and health care.

Telephone Triage Nurse-Telehealth Nursing

Telehealth Nursing – What is This?

What is Telehealth or Telephone Triage nursing? This is a service that nurses provides to a client or patient, assessing their needs by phone and determining if emergency care is needed. The Telehealth nurse interviews and assesses the condition of the patient/client to determine the appropriate intervention.

crime scene forensic nursing

Explore Forensic Nursing

If investigative sciences and victim advocacy interests you, consider the challenging field of Forensic Nursing. Forensic Nurses may be called to a crime scene or an accident to work with detectives to collect evidence, and take tissue and blood samples.