Finding The Nurse Within – A Book Review

I just finished reading an eBook by Elizabeth Scala RN “Bring Back The Art Of Nursing”

This is a empowering short read for nurses who aren’t feeling great about their careers or jobs at the moment. Elizabeth talks about 3 strategies we can all use now that don’t take hours to do or learn.

Simple non complicated steps to bring back the nurse within.

So if you’ve forgotten that passion you felt when you got your first nursing job or why you got into nursing in the first place, this book is for you.

I got my first nursing job at a big teaching hospital, it was a place I always wanted to work at and I still remember walking through the doors that first day and saying to myself, “I’ve made it, I’m finally a nurse!”

I was so thrilled to be working there and at first things were going well but then new management came and lots of changes. Suddenly, things weren’t so thrilling anymore. I stayed 2 more years and finally left to go to home care.

I can remember feeling disillusion with nursing, I experienced nurse bullying and for the first time, working in that big teaching hospital, heard and understood what “nurses eat their young” meant.

Luckily home care became by niche in nursing and I have been on a mission helping nurses to find their own niche in nursing so they don’t have to feel powerless. This book is a great place to start your journey of empowerment!

Elizabeth talks about 3 strategies that will help make a shift in your mindset. These are not new strategies but I believe they are new ways for nurses to think because, as I said above
“we nurses eat our young” and we need to stop doing this NOW!

I won’t reveal these strategies but I will say it has inspired me to write a blog post about one of the questions she asks “How Did You Envision Your Nursing Career?” and has given me new energy to keep doing what I’m doing – writing, blogging sharing my experiences and resources to help other nurses find their passion again in nursing.

So if you want to reconnect with the nurse within by asking yourself simple questions, taking baby steps to help you make a shift in your thinking, putting the power and focus back into your hands, I encourage you to read this book and join the event Elizabeth has coming up in May for Nurses Week.

As Elizabeth says..”Let’s teach other how to bring more joy, love and peace back to our lives because We can truly uplift and empower the entire nursing profession, shifting it from the inside out.”

Powerful stuff, love her message!

Let the nurse within shine!

Thanks Elizabeth for being an inspiration to all nurses!

Tina 🙂

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  1. WOW, Tina. What a great gift to come home to today. After feeling physically drained from a long, sick weekend; emotionally tired from some family issues; and just ‘ugh’… this is bringing a HUGE smile to my face!!! I am so appreciative. Words cannot express, thank you for the support, share and all of your kind words. Do enjoy your day. In gratitude, Elizabeth

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