LPN As A Legal Nurse Consultant?

Can an LPN become a Legal Nurse Consultant? This was a question asked of me recently and here’s a quick answer, YES! But read on, I’ll tell you why this is a great career choice for LPNs and where you can get your training that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

You are a nurse, you have a nursing background, nursing knowledge, expertise, you practice nursing, why would you not be able to be a legal nurse consultant or any other kind of nurse consultant?

I know there’s LPNs out there that feel they are limited in what they can do, especially in the areas of consulting and coaching. Stop thinking that way!

I first heard about LPNs becoming Legal Nurse Consultants when I took a Legal Nurse Consultant online course from ed2go. There were a few LPNs in the course and how I knew this was they were posting in the forum that comes with your course, asking questions of the instructor stating they were LPNs and how should they market their services?

It was also in the reading material, it stated that LPNs have a medical background. This is what Lawyers are looking for, nurses with a background in healthcare, who understand the system, language, procedures, and best practices so remember this LPNs, you fit into this nursing career alternative.

That’s what makes this a great career choice for you, you already have the knowledge you just need to learn how to apply it.

And don’t let someone tell you you can’t do this.

Tina 🙂