About Social Media – For Nurses

I reviewed this book about 3 years ago on my old site but I wanted to update the information from that old post to here and say Yes, this book is still relevant today and it’s all about social media.

Social Media has exploded over the past 3-4 years and nurses are becoming aware of the power of using social media networks to communicate their expertise, causes, find jobs, socialize and more.

So if you are new to social media and asking the question, “what is social media” this is the book I would recommend you start with and here’s why….

5 reasons to read The Nurses Social Media Advantage

1. It’s a great learning tool for new and seasoned nurses teaching you how to use social media networks best practices. You not only reach nurses locally but globally, and can advance in your nursing career in unique ways.

2. The right way to talk in social media circles, what not to say and ways you can talk about patients and healthcare without breaching HIPPA laws.

3. Creating a great reputation online. Get known for your expertise, it could lead to new opportunities you never thought possible.

4. Lots of tips and inspirational quotes that help guide and motivate you into getting started NOW.

5. You’re questions are answered in a Q & A at the end of each chapter and exercises for you to do. This helps you to Take Action, it’s the only way to move forward.

What didn’t I like about this book?

I don’t know what this book will look like in the Kindle version, unfortunately not all Kindle books are formatted correctly so proceed with caution. I still like paperback, makes for easy referencing when doing research.

And the beginning of the book was boring for me because I know how the Web works and I’ve been using social media for a few years now but you can skip over that part and read the chapters that are of interest to you.

In closing, I like the fact that this book is written by a nurse for nurses, not just another social media book for everyone. There are important aspects of social media that are unique to nurses and this book explains it well. Although, once you understand what social media is and how to use it correctly you can move on to more advanced social media books. I have a few more sitting on my book shelve so learn all you can about social media because it’s a great tool for networking, finding a nursing job or advancing in your nursing career.

Below is the author Robert Fraser giving a speech when his book first came out. Also be sure to check out Richard’s website at Nursing Ideas.

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