Review – Yoga Nursing Essentials

One of my favorite nursing websites is from a nurse who has taken her passion for yoga and turned it into a very successful business.

Her name is Annette Tersigni, a registered nurse and entrepreneur on a mission to “expand consciousness in healthcare transforming pain and suffering to peace and wisdom.”

Earlier this year Annette released her anticipated digital training program called Yoga Nursing Essentials for nurses and nursing.

This digital training program is for nurses, caregivers and yoga teachers, “uniting the ancient wisdom of yoga with the science of modern nursing.” The Yoga Nurse™

So here are my top 5 favorites about this digital training program.

1. You don’t have to know yoga, you just have to be “into” yoga with a passion for personal and spiritual development because here is where you can really make a difference, not only in someone else’s life but in your own. Very powerful!

2. Anyone can learn these simple breathing techniques that can be done anywhere at anytime. Talk about a stress reliever! Amazing how well this works.

3. Video, Audio and PDF so no matter what kind of learner you are, there’s something for everyone. Since I’m an audio learner I downloaded the audio to my mp3 player and take it with me when I’m in the care driving. Love to hear Annette talk, soooo soothing, relaxing, she was created to do this!

4. Marketing 101. Annette has included marketing materials for you to use and make your own. There’s PDFs, liability forms, templates, letters and also the “How to” and “Who to” market your business within your community, if creating a business out of this training is what you want to do.

As a business model, you could refer to yourself as a Fitness Nurse, RN Wellness Educator, Medical Yoga Therapist or a Stress Relief and Safety expert

How’s that for some cool alternative nursing career ideas for you!

5. A Whopping 10 continuing nursing education credits (CNE) which I plan to use towards renewing by nursing license this month. The 10 CNE are approved by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) so they should apply in any state where continuing education credits are needed for nursing license renewal (like here in the state of Delaware)

Of course being able to do this training from anywhere, at anytime and at your own pace is also very convenient for busy people.

And also a workbook that includes 10 essential questions to ask yourself. Be careful, this will require your attention and have you digging deep to answer. It took me days to finish but when I was done (one of many things I accomplished by answering these questions) I had a “stop doing list” together, getting rid of the “yuck” and started adding “yum” in my life, something all of us should do when things aren’t working out.

Who this is not for.

If you don’t care about your own personal development or helping others find their balance than this is not for you, especially if alternative holistic health is not your way of thinking or doing.

But if you want to Learn Sacred Breath, Sacred Movement 1 and 2, Sacred Rest + more goodies 🙂 for your own personal growth or teach others what you’ve learned, this program is for you!

Love the Sacred Breathe and Sacred Rest, working wonders with my oncology patients.

My take on this training – Yoga nursing essentials – It combines “health-care, self-care and wealth-care” a way cool style of nursing for the 21st century nurse. Thanks Annette!

“Remember dear one – whatever it is you’re looking for, it’s also looking for you.” Annette Tersigni This just may be what you’re looking for.