Write A Winning Nursing Resume

Do you need help writing your nursing resume?

An effective nursing resume will highlight your skills, experience and work history in a way that is interesting and significant to the person doing the hiring. It needs to maximize what you do best, using action verbs and being very clear on what you have to offer an employer.

Having a well written professional resume is a must today. It’s the best self marketing tool you have and it’s not just for changing jobs. Resumes are also used to make a lateral move when applying for a promotion or transfer within your organization or for speaking at a conference or submitting an article to a nursing journal or a position on a professional nursing association board.

So even if you are happily employed now you never know when an opportunity will come along or your plans change, I know, it happened to me.

Have your resume ready to go at a moment’s notice.

But I know from experience it can be hard to write about yourself in the best light. It sounds like bragging or full of yourself. Let me just say though that this is not the time to be shy or to hold back on your expertise, this is the time to “tote your horn!”

If this thought makes you break out in a cold sweat or you feel overwhelmed at the thought of writing your resume then its time to get help.

Need to see nursing resume examples?

Here’s a useful book, Real-Resumes for Nursing Jobs which includes examples of nursing resumes for those nurses wanting to change careers or get a nursing job with the federal government.

This book also includes –

– Writing cover letters
– Planning for your job hunt and gathering the right tools needed
– Preparing for your interview
– Negotiating salary

Tons of real nursing resume examples to learn from to help you write your winning resume and tips for breezing through your job interview.

I found it helpful because for me it has been years since I did my resume so to visualize how it’s done correctly made all the difference and I’m sure it will for you too.