nursing informatics - from paper to use of technology in nursing

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nursing informatics - from paper to use of technology in nursingI recently came across a post in the nursing forum where a nurse made this comment –

“I really think this is a great field RIGHT NOW. My fear is what will happen to the informatic nurse once the big transition to EHR occur and everyone is trained. Of course there will still be a demand for them, but it will not be nearly as big. I am currently in school for informatics and graduate in 2014 but I am starting to get nervous…..”

All I could think was, is she really think there won’t be nursing informatics jobs in 10 years from now?

Do people think that once everyone is up and running on EHR that there is nothing else to do, that technology won’t continue to grow or change or won’t need to be upgraded or tweaked or we won’t come out with new software?

And what about the baby boom generation that is now at retirement age? This generation will be living longer and they are smarter. Do you think we don’t need to create innovative ways to care for them without the use of technology and nurses who know how to use this new technology?

I find it hard to believe that nursing informatics will die out and be gone in 10 years from now. If anything, nurses will be leading the way, developing the tools needed to care and keep our patients safe with the use of technology.

So what do you think the health IT and Informatics people are saying about this?

There not saying much because they’re busy educating nurses on this explosive nursing specialty.

Over at the nursing informatics online forum they’re busy compiling a list of 100 + nurse informatics jobs descriptions for their most asked question “What kind of job can I get in nursing informatics?”

Everything from Applications Analyst to Project Manager to Systems Director of Nursing Informatics to Clinical Informatics Specialist, they are all listed here.

I even saw a job description for a Clinical Informatics Coach. Hmmm….this would make a great nurse entrepreneur business. If there are any Clinical Informatics Coaches out there, get in touch with me, would love to interview you.

Look through the list and use the job titles to search online for a Informatics nursing jobs because you won’t find them listed only as nursing informatics, they go by many titles (100 +)

You could also read the job descriptions and pick out what you have experience doing or what you’ll need to get experience in. I’m finding it to be a great resource.

Tina 🙂