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By Tina | Lifestyle

Mar 14
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Coaching is a service I see offered by every successful entrepreneur I know. I’ve even done some coaching with a few select nurses myself. But before you hang your shingle out offering coaching services here are my thoughts on what you should do first if becoming a coach is your next career move.

Hire a coach to coach YOU first. This means getting your own matters in order before you think about coaching others. Are you needs being met? Are you taking care of you first before others? Maybe you need to put boundaries in place so you feel respected?  Or are there unresolved issues about your own life that need fixing?

Think about your life, how do  you feel about you and the universe around you? Get clear on what your objectives are and what matters most to you. Do you really know you? Or are you busy taking care of others that you don’t have the time to think about what you really want and need?

Hiring a coach can help sort it out by answering any of these questions and it doesn’t have to be for long term. It may just take one phone call or ten coaching calls or emails to get things in order but however long it takes, it is well worth it!

When your mind, body and spirit are in a healthy place you can turn around and help others do the same.

Hiring a coach also gives you the opportunity to see how the process works. It will spark ideas for your own practice and depending who you hire; your coach may be able to help with networking and getting your wellness coaching business off the ground running.

So if you want to get into coaching as a Health and Wellness Coach and are not sure where to start, I highly recommend you start with hiring a coach for yourself first for all the reasons I stated above -to get yourself in tip top shape, to see how the process works and to get information for your own practice.

And I can give this advice because I have hired 2 coaches in my nursing career and they were worth every penny. They are the reason why I blog about alternative nursing careers, it’s my passion to blog/write and they have helped me to envision my success as an online business owner that loves blogging, writing and marketing.

So don’t underestimate the value of hiring a coach, they will help you to achieve success in your nursing career journey!

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