Coach Yourself To A New Nursing Career!

I recently read a book that really boosted my motivation and gave me clarity about my own nursing career.

You see, the last couple of years have been overwhelming for me, I’ve been learning new things daily and at times it’s exhausting, especially when I run into that brick wall where I can’t seem to figure out what to do next.

From reading this book I realized why I kept running into that brick wall. I was doing things wrong. I was not using my natural talents to the best of my ability nor did I have a passion for what I was doing.

You can learn new skills but if you don’t have a passion or natural ability to perform these skills, well, you won’t be successful. Yeah, you can learn how to do something just to get by because you have to know it for your job or to make something work correctly but if you have no passion or natural ability towards that skill you will never master it.

Think about it, are you doing a nursing job that you really don’t like?  Have you been able to become an expert at what you are doing despite hating your job?

Probably not or if you have become great at what you are doing but hate it, is that really how you want to live?

It’s not how I want to live. I’m on a mission to be happy at work and at home, they go together; one is not separate from the other.

This book is packed with exercises you can do to help you figure out your natural talents, , passions, core values, goals, and a few other things you may not have known about yourself.

And that’s just a small part of this book.

I liked the fact that it starts out by examining your current position and why things aren’t working out. Sometimes that’s all it takes is to clean house at your present position before moving on to something else where the same situation may happen again and again.

There’s another chapter devoted to figuring out your ideal life and designing a job around your ideal life not the other way around. I loved during these exercises, it gave me clarity about how I want my work/life balance to be.

Have you ever thought about your ideal life or are you just going through the motions every day not really living, just surviving, moving on autopilot?

Not the best way to live and I refuse to live that kind of life.

The book is called “Coach Yourself To A New Career – 7 steps to Reinventing you Professional Life” by Talane Miedaner. It starts with helping you to sort it all out, next putting it together and ending with making a smooth transition.

Here’s what this book has done for me:

This book helped me realize that writing is my true passion along with a strong desire to help others through teaching. I’m already doing writing but not at the level I want to be at. I needed to start focusing my energy on what mattered to me, not what others thought I should be doing.

My ideal life would be to helping others through my writing, and doing this from anywhere.

Now that I’m clear on what I want to do, I’ve taken a few baby steps towards making my dream a reality~

  • I signed up for a web copywriting course. I have no desire to do research or technical writing, I like conversational writing so web copywriting fits me just fine.
  • I joined a writing forum.
  • I also joined a private brainstorming group that is keeping me accountable for what I say I want to do.

I’m taking small steps and doing something instead of just dreaming about it. And by taking baby steps I’m feeling more confident in what I know I can accomplish.

Of course this book is not for everyone because you may not be at a place in your life where you’re ready for big changes in your nursing career or you don’t feel anything is wrong, by all means, do not read this book, it’s not for you.

But if you’re ready (like me) the next step is to grab a c copy of this book and get reading now!

And I’m positive you will come away learning unique, fresh ideas you haven’t heard before to help move you forward.

The choice is yours, make the change, be the change! Nurses Coaching Yourself to a Successful Nursing Career.