Become A Freelance Writer Nurses

Are you a nurse who loves to write? Do you get compliments on how good your nursing notes are? Have you ever considered writing health and wellness articles or writing about a specific topic in your nursing specialty?

If you’ve answered yes, how about becoming a freelance writer?

As a freelance web writer you could write for Health Marketers or Health Professionals who need content for their websites, emails, newsletters etc.

And you’re not limited to just writing for the Health Industry, you can pick whatever it is you want to write about.

Some ideas to ponder…

Start a Blog and write about your nursing specialty, advertise your services or offer to write on other blogs, free (called guesting blogging) or for a fee (called Sponsored posts) Check forums or job boards to see who needs your services.

Write an eBook on your topic. This is the best way to get your expertise noticed. You can become a published author without having a publisher or agent.

Copywriting. This is also called persuasive writing, you’re persuading people to do something on their site such as click a link or sign up for their newsletter or it could be a sales letter.

Be a ghostwriter. Here where you could write books for other people or write articles, blog posts, etc.

Write CEUs (continuing educations courses) Write short courses for nurses who need CEUs to renew their nursing licenses.

These are jobs you could do part time and still keep your day job. Once you are making money writing you can quit that day job and spend your days writing, becoming that best selling author you always dreamed of becoming.

You can charge by the hour or by the project, taking only as much work as you can handle and making a nice income from the comfort of your home.

I took an Internet writing course so consider doing this to brush up on your writing skills and learn how to write for the web.

You’ll discover a different way of writing. This isn’t the writing you did in college.  It’s called conversational writing, which is what I’m doing here. You can do that, right?

Just one more thing we nurses could do! Explore writing for health professionals or starting your own blog or writing your own eBook. Become a freelance writer and make more money than you ever would working in a hospital!

Tina 🙂