Alternative Nursing Careers For LPNs

While in a nursing forum the other day, answering questions about alternative nursing careers, I came across a nurse who was asking about Forensic Nursing. She is an LPN and wanted to know if there were any Forensic LPN nurses who were working in this field and how could she get a job in Forensic Nursing?

Here’s the link to my answer I gave her at

It struck me when she said “Forensic LPN” That statement inspired me to write this post for LPNs who are also looking for alternative nursing careers.

Just for the record LPN or LVN are also nurses, their role is slightly different but they’re still valuable to the nursing profession and very much needed.

So when I’m talking about alternative nursing careers I am also talking to LPNs/LVNs.

You, as an LPN, can work in Holistic Nursing, Forensic Nursing or be an Entrepreneur. There are even LPNs who do Legal Nurse Consulting. Most nursing specialties include LPNs with the exception of those nurses in advance nursing practices such as Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Specialist and those nursing jobs that require a BSN, Masters or Doctorate.

Anything else is up for grabs for an LPN/LVN.  And there is plenty of nursing opportunities out there for all nurses who want alternative nursing careers, not that there’s anything wrong with working at the bedside, just letting nurses know there are options, lots of options available to all nurses including LPNs and LVNs.

So I encourage LPNs to seek alternative nursing careers as well, you definitely don’t have to stay at the bedside if that’s not what you want to do, even if you recently graduated from LPN school, there is no rule that says you have to start your career in a nursing home or clinic.

Get out there LPNs and explore your options.When you see something you like take action by looking for an association that has a local chapter in your area and go to a meeting as a guest and start networking with other nurses who have the same interest, you never know where this may lead you. If you like what they are doing you can join. And don’t forget to take your business cards with, you have business cards, right?

Tina 🙂