The Truth About Your Nursing Career

A Book Review – Nurses, Jobs and Money. When I first read this title it reminded me of the good ole days when being a nurse meant making good money and being able to get a job, with very little effort. My nursing career would be set, I could work anywhere I wanted.

Heck since the 1980s I’ve been hired for every job I applied to, now granted it’s been 15 years since I applied for a new job and I know I’d be having problems today if I decided to change jobs, which I don’t plan to do, my next career move is to full time entrepreneurship.

The good ole days are gone and nurses, especially new grads, struggle to find work. The jobs just aren’t there and the money part, well you’ll need to read the book to learn more about that because there are ways to make good money and it’s not always in a hospital setting. You need to start thinking differently about your nursing career and this book will put you in a better mindset.

Here’s an excerpt from
“Did you believe in the myth of plenty of nursing jobs everywhere? I used to think this way.

Did you go to school thinking a nursing degree would launch you into a career of success and riches? I thought I would be a nurse manger in no time making lots of money.

Did you believe that if you simply worked hard in your job, you would be well-paid–only to find that none of these were true? So not true!

Debunks those myths, offering a sobering portrait of the nursing industry—and what you can do to advance your nursing career and salary in today’s environment.”

This book is definitely worth your read, it has proven techniques and real-life case studies your can follow and replicate if you wanted to. This is what I liked reading, how real nurses changed their lives by following strategies that work.

It’s written by Carmen Rosicek RN, MSN a veteran nurse with years of experience helping hundreds of nurses achieve their nursing career goals.

There are many challenges facing nurses today, so to read a book that offers solutions in a unique way is so refreshing. Great tips for nurses who are ready to go down a new path in their nursing career.

And it takes you “outside the traditional realms of nursing and opens your mind to employment paths not taught in nursing school,” that’s what I wanted to hear, how about your?

Use these tips in this book to get your nursing career in gear and start on a path to amazing and lucrative opportunities in the nursing profession. There are good paying jobs that won’t leave you feeling stressed and burnout.

It also addresses the myth of new nurses needing to get a job in a hospital in order to gain experience. Baloney, you can go straight into a nursing specialty you want right out of college. Carmen talks about this in the book, you’ll be pleasantly surprised new grads.

This nursing career book is a quick read (I highly recommend) for the new nurse or the nurse in transition and “no matter what position you choose to pursue after reading this book, you will be positioned to win!”

If you think you have tried it all when it comes to getting a nursing job then this book is not for you but I’m telling you from my own experience (I thought the same thing when I first picked up this book) you will find something in it you can use right now to get that nursing job or go back to school for your BSN (which you should if you want to stay working in a hospital) and if you don’t find one useful tip you can use in your nursing career, come back here and leave a comment below, would love to hear about it!

Tina 🙂