A Nurses’ Guide To Home Health Care

nurses guide to home health care ebookGuest Post by Averel Carby, CEO All Health Academy

I am Averel Carby, registered nurse and founder of All Health Academy (AHA) an education and resource portal for members of the home healthcare nursing community.

My background includes acute Rehabilitation, recovery room (PACU), and oncology. Other areas of  expertise in my nursing career are nurse care coordinator, and home healthcare nursing, the latter for fifteen years.

As a home healthcare nurse I have worked at the besides of countless individuals, and their families, providing one-on-one care. I am currently an entrepreneur, offering education and coaching to group home owners through the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD).

It is amazing how many options nurses have today. At the beginning of your nursing education you probably had a different expectation of the amount of time you would spend at the bedside with your patients.

As time went by you realized you were only able to rush in a patient’s room and rush right back out. This sort of reality probably left you wondering “what options do I have?”

Some areas of nursing may include being an entrepreneur providing wellness assessment/disease prevention for staff members of companies. A nurse can also contract with insurance companies to do health evaluations to prospective life insurance recipients.

Another nurse entrepreneurial endeavor can be in home health care, or a nurse may work for an agency in the home health care field.

These are just a few of the countless options nurses have today. I chose home health care nursing since it gave me the opportunity to spend quality time with clients. The setting is usually more relaxed and so there is a greater chance of connecting with the patient and family members.

Not having much time at the bedside with patients while working in facilities was not a good situation for me.

It’s been fifteen years since I graduated from nursing school and at the time very little focus on home health care nursing in the curriculum.

Consequently, when I decided to make this area of nursing a career, I had limited resources to turn to for the training and support I needed. I did receive some orientation from the agency I first worked for, but I felt that it was just not enough to dispel the apprehension I had.

This inspired me to write a book called “The Nurse’s Guide to Home Health Care” This is a nursing handbook with an overview of home healthcare nursing, including skills, education, and support, to any nurse who desire to transition to home healthcare nursing.

Let me help you make a smooth transition from facility nursing to home care nursing. Or if you are already a home care nurse, but recognize the need to improve your knowledge and skills in the specialty of continuous home health care, I can help you do that too!

Learn more about me and  “The Nurse’s Guide to Home Health Care” at my website, All Health Academy
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