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Kimberly R. Ward-New Book Release

Kimberly R. WardToday’s post is an interview I did with new author Kimberly Raquei Ward BSN RN, who just released her first book. I met Kimberly last year online when I offered free coaching to nurses on my email list. She jumped right in and got busy with what she wanted to do and that was write a book for new nurses graduating from nursing school. Here we are 9 months later and she’s accomplished what she set out to do. I’m very proud of her and want you to get to know her.

So I asked her a few questions about her new book. Read below to find out what the book is about and who will benefit the most from this book. You can find the link to her book below and do connect with Kimberly, she would love to hear from you!

What is your background in nursing?

Public Health Nursing has always been my calling. I have worked in the field as a nurse for about four years, before that I volunteered with every population you can think of from kids to senior citizens. I still enjoy working with these populations today.
As far as writing I’ve always enjoyed it, so when I realized there wasn’t a voice representing the issues my friends and I were facing from the new grad perspective. I embrace the passion God gave me to be that voice.

What inspired you to write this book?

As a person I’ve always believed in the power of the words. My Christian faith teaches in the tongue there is power of life and death. I wrote “What They Didn’t Teach You or I In Nursing School: Lessons Learned Outside The Classroom” because I recognize the need for concise information regarding the ins and outs of nursing for new nurses in the field that isn’t found in a textbook or purposefully taught in nursing school. Lessons such as knowing your worth, the power of support and nursing choosing you can be found in this book.

These and other lessons I learned through personal, professional, and relational experiences got me thinking that there must be a way to prepare nurses sooner for the lesson we will go through the first five years of our careers. “What They Didn’t Teach You or I In Nursing School: Lessons Learned Outside The Classroom” lays this foundation. My hope through this book is to propel the conversation on how we can holistically prepare nurses beyond the books and acute care settings, enhancing and embracing their individualized strengths. Concepts such as caring for self and working as an independent nurse music therapist needs to be the norm and revered as viable options for new grads with guidance vs. the conventional “wisdom” that following your passions can happen after two years at the bedside.

Tell us about your new book?

“What They Didn’t Teach You Or I In Nursing School: Lessons Learned Outside the Classroom” defiantly lives up to its name by providing insight and practical suggestions to topics like career navigation, negotiation, and recognition of the need for self-care and the real threat of burn out.

Sure, in school we learned about assessments, care plans, and discharge orders but what I found lacking was guidance and support regarding following a less traditional path in nursing and navigating it successfully.

Where can we purchase your book?

What They Didn’t Teach You Or I In Nursing School: Lessons Learned Outside the Classroom is currently available at with availability at other retailers in the upcoming weeks.

Who is this book for and who it is not for?

First and foremost the books’ intent is to be a beacon of hope and encouragement for all who read it. It is written for nurses considering, attending, or graduating from nursing school. Nurses, zero-five years in your career this book is for you! It is also for the friends and family of nurses so they might understand how best to support their loved ones during this pivotal phrase in their lives.

This book has also been well received by veteran nurses and non-nurses alike, who found useful information contained in this book.

Kimberly R. Ward RN, BSN is a Public Health Nurse and Nursepreneur. When she’s not working you can find her writing on all things nursing, marriage, family, friends, and faith related. She lives with her husband in Sunny, FL and is already working on her next book: fiction! With plans for a nursing book or two.
You can connect with her on Twitter: @RaquiWard, her blog:, LinkedIn: Kimberly R. Ward or email her at She loves hearing from you and would appreciate your feedback.


Thanks so much Kimberly!

Tina 🙂