How To Become A Wellness Coach

So you want to be a Wellness Coach? You think just because you’re a nurse you could be a wellness coach, right? And as a nurse you know health and wellness so why not take that knowledge and turn it into a business where you can be your own boss and make lots of money?

I hate to burst your bubble but it’s not that simple. Just because you know health and wellness doesn’t mean you can turn around and be a coach.

Wellness coaching and other types of coaching, require a skill of effective listening and communication, rather than teaching, which is what you do in traditional nursing.

You’ll need to learn these skills before you coach someone else. But before you run off looking for training programs I invite you to read my 3 tips below first, it’s important!

Here are 3 tips I’ve learned about becoming a wellness coach.

  • Hire a coach to coach YOU first. This is a great way to see how coaching works and find out some interesting facts about yourself. You need to be in the right place before you coach someone else, this means the right frame of mind, body and spirit.
  • Read about coaching. There are plenty of books available on Amazon plus tons of websites and blogs about the topic. You can even find information at your local library on this topic. Read everything you can and start networking online with health and wellness coaches, easy to do with social media.
  • Take an online or offline class on starting a business. As a nurse you may know your way around the healthcare system but you probably don’t know you way around doing business and marketing or setting up systems so your business can run even when you’re not there. This is essential, you must know how to start, run and grow your business or you will fail, simple as that.

Start now if you are seriously thinking about starting a health wellness coaching business. These are in no particular order, you can do anyone first but I highly recommend doing all 3 before opening the doors to your business.

Why you ask?

Because you may find out through this process that starting a wellness coach business is not what you wanted after all. Better to find this out before signing up for a training program on wellness coaching (they are expensive but worth it if this is what you want to do)

Tina 🙂