5 Tips For Your Job Interview – Nurses

Doing well in a job interview is as much about mental preparation as anything else. A person who comes into an interview composed, relaxed and sharp is more likely to get the job than someone who comes into the interview nervous, tense and fidgety, even if they have a better resume.

I should know, I’ve been to a few nursing job interviews myself in the past 30 years.

So here are 5 Tips to prepare mentally for your nursing job interview that have  worked for me.

==> Get Some Exercise Beforehand

I found that taking a brisk walk before an interview helps calm me down. Exercise gets the blood flowing through the body and burns up a lot of the anxiety you may be holding. It releases endorphins, which further relieves stress. 

By doing some quick exercising (not a full blown workout) will relax your muscles and can create a sense of aliveness and vitality, helping you create the impression that you’ll bring a lot of energy to your new nursing job.

==> Write Down the Hardest to Answer Questions

Create a list of questions that you think would be difficult for you to answer.

For example, if you have gaps in your resume, write down several questions that your interviewer might ask you. How would you answer these questions?

Then construct the best answers. The idea isn’t to rehearse specific lines, but to mentally get yourself to release whatever insecurities you have about these questions, making them easier to answer. You can put a spin on the question about your gap in work history by saying you took time off but now your ready and energized to get back to work.

==> Write Down Why You’re the Perfect Candidate

You don’t just need to sell the interviewer that you’re the perfect candidate; you need to sell yourself as well.

You need to be able to look in your interviewer’s eyes and know for a fact that they’re going to be better off hiring you than anyone else.

Write down why this is the case and reinforce that belief in you first, before trying to convince anyone else. Remember if you don’t believe in yourself than why should anyone else believe in you, so bring your confidence with you.

==> Dress for Success

Dress sharp and professional for your interview. Look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself a nod of approval.

Going into an interview knowing that you look good and look professional can make a big difference on how you hold yourself and present yourself. Go shopping and buy a new outfit that makes you feel and look  GREAT!!

==> Mentally Prepare Through Imagination

I love this one. Dr. Maxwell Maltz invented a technique where one visualizes themselves succeeding in whatever it is they want to do. It’s called psycho-cybernetics.

Here’s how it works: Visualize yourself in the first person in the interview. Feel yourself relaxed and confident. Imagine yourself hitting it off with the interviewer and getting the job.

Do this daily throughout the week leading up to the interview. By the time you actually do the interview, it’ll be like you’ve already been through the process before.

Try this, it is one of the best tips I have ever gotten and it came from a nursing instructor.

These five tips should help you get in the right mindset so you can blow your interviewers away.

Tina 🙂