Nursing Associations – What’s the Benefits?

Why join a nursing association? For a long time I didn’t belong to any, not even the American Nurses Association. I didn’t see the benefit and wasn’t sure what they had to offer. At one time (not now) I wanted to just do my job and go home. I didn’t want anything to do with nursing outside of the work place.

No way, didn’t want any part of that!

But then something happened a few years back when I started researching what nurses were doing outside the hospital setting and found that nursing associations are a community of nurses all over the country and overseas. They share information, ideas and support each other.

Interesting, nurses supporting each other, don’t always get this in the workplace.

So the  first association I joined was the National Nurses in Business Association. Now I wasn’t a nurse entrepreneur at the time, but I was so fascinated by nurses in business, I wanted to belong just to see what nurse entrepreneurs were doing.

If I didn’t have an interest in working from home before I joined, I sure had one now. I wanted to be a Nurse Entrepreneur, I wanted to be my own boss, set my own hours, take off when I wanted, pick my co workers and make good money, more than what I was making at the hospital.

I studied what these nurses were doing and bought books and talked with some of them.  This was the beginning of my journey to where I am today.  I won’t turn this into a long story but want to point out the benefits I found joining a nursing association for the first time.

  •  If you’re new to the specialty or are interested in the nursing specialty, this is a great way to find out more about what nurses do, how they got started. You can mingle with a room full of these nurses either at a monthly meeting if they have one in your area or at a yearly conference. Some gather online in a private forum also, you’ll meet new people and get inspired. Great way to network!
  • You’ll get your questions answered. These nurses love helping other nurses.
  • It’s professional and looks impressive on a resume. It shows you have an interest in your nursing specialty and you should.
  • You get to go to their conferences. This is a best way to see what other nurses around the country are doing, you’ll come away with ideas, new friends and a high energy level with a renewed passion for your nursing specialty.

Most nursing associations have a forum, offer CEU credits, classes, a directory, discounts and more. I’m sorry it took me so look to join my first one but I glad I belong now and considering joining two more.

For me I don’t think I would have meet some of the great nurses I know today if I had not joined a nursing association, it gave me the support I needed to move forward in my nursing career. Great place to network and get an education at the same time.

Pick a nursing association, join, get involved and have fun! You never know, a nursing job opportunity may open up for you.

Tina 🙂