Holistic Health 10 Amazing Specialties

Holistic Health can seem like a board term so to break it down for you I’ve created a short list of different areas a Holistic Nurse can specialize in. This is by no means all there is when working in Holistic Health, check out the book recommendation at the end of this article for more information especially any nurse wanting to pursue a career in holistic health or holistic nursing.

Top 10 Areas Of Holistic Nursing

Aromatherapy – Work with essential oils, learn the benefits of using essential oils in your practice or become an Aromatherapist.

Nutrition – Herbs, vitamins, supplements, organic cooking, organic foods etc.

Energy Healing – Using the body’s energy to heal.

Cognitive Therapy – Helping people to be conscious, exploring the relationships between our thoughts, feeling, behaviors and physiology.

Weight Management Counseling – Using a Holistic long term lifestyle change model to help your clients stay healthy for life.

Healing Touch – A specific set of techniques using touch and the body’s energy to heal.

Foot Reflexology – Using the pressure points on your feet to help stimulate other organs in the body through the nervous system.

Yoga – stretching exercise and graceful movements.

Relaxation – stress management, meditation, music therapy, imagery

Spirituality – This does not have to mean religion, it more about knowing our inner self, being aware, living and loving fully, teaching your client what it means to really experience life and finding inner peace.

You can take any one of these specialties and open your own practice or work in any healthcare facility, nursing home, clinic, doctor’s office, spa, university, organization, community or home healthcare.

The possibilities are plentiful in Holistic Health especially since this is a growing trend in nursing. It would be wise for nurses who don’t know much about the nursing specialty to at least explore what Holistic Nursing means and how you could use it in your nursing practice.

It’s what I’ve been doing, discovering aromatherapy with essential oils.  Ahhhh!!! It’s time for me to try Lavender to help me sleep.

Tina 🙂