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Researching Your Nursing Business Idea

Gripsors scissors demonstrationDo you have a great nursing business idea but don’t know how to research your big ideas?

Or are you a nurse wanting to strike out on your own, but don’t have that great idea yet?

Let’s start with those who  don’t have an idea yet but know they want to be a nurse entrepreneur.

If you don’t yet have an idea here are a few questions to ask yourself to get you started.

  • What do you like to do?
  • Is there a nursing specialty that you’re doing now you could turn into a business?
  • What are you good at?
  • Do you have any technical skills?
  • What do others say you’re good at?

Is this giving you some  ideas?  Good, now starts the fun part of researching that idea and for those of you who already have an idea, it’s time for your to start your research as well.

The best place to find this information is online. Type in your idea  and see what pops up.

For example, if you type in “Legal Nurse Consultant” you will see the most popular sites are the

  • American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants
  • Vickie Mozzila

Both sites will give you great information on what legal Nurse consulting is and Vickie Mozzila has a blog you can follow. She also has written many articles and books on the subject.

You can also find information on Amazon, just by searching the nursing books section or the nursing magazine section. This can give you an ideas of what you could do or if you already know what you want to do you’ll get an idea of who your competition is.

Later you can brainstorm ways you could be different or better which is called your unique selling proposition (USP)

If you’ve found others doing what you want to do, don’t worry, that’s a good thing! These are people you could learn from, network with and even collaborate with on a project. Make a note of who they are and put the list away for later referencing.

Continue researching your market, also called target market or target audience. You want to keep these 3 very important questions in mind when researching your market.

  • Is there a need for your product or service?
  • Can people afford your product or service?
  • Do they want your product or service?

You need to be able to answer yes all 3 questions because if you have a service or product to offer but people can’t afford it or there is not a need in your area or they don’t want it, you’ll have a very hard time making money.

This is why competition is good because if others are selling the product or service you want to sell you at least know there is a need for it.

If you’re setting up shop locally, you just need to research if there’s a need and can people in your area afford it.

If you’re working online, this will be easy to figure out, again, by what your competitors are doing.

But what if no one is selling what you have to offer? You’ve come up with a new innovative product or software or app that no one is selling and you know by your research there is a need and want for it and mostly likely people with paid for it.

Kudos to you, especially if this is a new invention, such as what Sharon Zelinko RN did when she invented a scissors called Gripsors – see a demonstration here. It is possible in today world of technology to come up with an idea no one else has created yet.

So if you’re an inventor who created something new, you’ll need to do research on patents, trademarks, and much more which is to detailed for this post. Contact Sharon Zelinko as mentioned above, to find out how she did it.

For the rest of us, keep this in mend. You want to provide solutions for your target market, so now is the time, when you’re starting out, to learn how to do research well because you will need to do this often, get tp know your market inside and out and give them what they want, need and can afford.

Now get started with your research!

Tina 🙂

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  1. Dorothy Morris

    I found this info very good Tina. Now I need to learn how to start a blog. Im not that computer savy but im learning new things regularly. Thank you for your input and thank you for being you.
    Dorothy Morris RN

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