Albert Einstein quote be of value to others

Health Coach Salary In Private Practice

Albert Einstein quote be of value to othersWhat is a health coach salary if you start your own Health and Wellness coaching business? This is a great alternative for RNs and LPNs who are looking to leave hospital nursing, especially with recent cut backs and lay offs of nurses, the opportunity is there to be your own boss running a successful coaching practice.

By using your current knowledge, skills and communication abilities you are well within reach of building a profitable coaching business.

You can do this as a way to supplement your current income, or jump in full time, your choice.

I get asked all the time what the earning potential is for nurses as a health and wellness coach in private practice. I usually respond by saying , It’s entirely up to you.
You can create a 6 figure business but it’s HARD WORK!

So to answer the question of how much a health coach salary is for those wanting to open their own business, here’s an example of how you could charge for services and make money, but read on because offering services is not the only thing you want to do in your coaching practice.

Health Coach Salary

Say you charge $100 an hour and work 10.5 hours a week. This earns you $4200 a month.

Now lets say you want to increase your work week to 35 hours a week still charging $100 an hour, your monthly income will jump to $14,00 a month, not bad.

Of course the number of hours you work is dependent on the number of clients you have, so you’ll need to be really good at marketing your services. This can be tough if you have no marketing experience and not sure how to market online.

So don’t be dependent on just getting clients. You want to also include other streams of income into your health coaching business.

This includes writing short reports or eBooks you can sell, recording audios or webinars, speaking engagements (online or offline) promoting other peoples’ products and services that compliment your services. This is called affiliate marketing or referral marketing. That’s what I do here to make money.

You could also sell physical products such as CDs or DVDs. You could also collaborate with others to create informational products or events.

Think of how you could be of value to the market you serve, stop thinking only in dollars and cents but as Albert Einstein said “Strive not to be successful but to be of value” Be of value first and success will follow.

Getting back to the “HARD WORK” part, this is not a get rich quick occupation, so don’t quit your day job yet. There is a huge learning curve because you’ll need to learn business and marketing skills as well as how to coach others, but the benefits are well worth the time and money.

Remember, investing in yourself will always bring a return on your investment(ROI).

Start part time while you still have a job and get educated on business and marketing by enrolling in online courses, there’s plenty of them out there.

Get started learning today!


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  1. Susan Devine

    Great tips. I am finishing up two coaching courses. I never thought about ed2go. They offer great, affordable courses. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Tina,
    Great post. I wish I had been told this when I started out. You make a good point: you ‘can’ make six figures; if this is what you want. If that is important to you. If you are ready to do the hard work.

    Because getting yourself out there is hard. You have to convince people you can help them; you have to speak to what they want. It’s not about you.

    Great resources, thank you for sharing them. As always, great content. Enjoy the day,

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