Review | Nurse Entrepreneur Network eBook

This is a eBook review called “10 Nurse Entrepreneurs Tell How They Did It!” Written by LeaRae Keyes, RN Executive Director, owner and CEO of the Nurse Entrepreneur Network.

LeaRae  asks 10 different nurses about how they got started in their unique nursing businesses, why did they choose that business, how long before they could quit their day job and their earning potential.

This is only a short list, a total of 30 questions were asked.

I found three interesting businesses that stuck out for me. See what you think.

Independent RN Patient Advocate ~  I had not heard of this nursing specialty and I’m sure I’m not alone.  It is a new specialty that was created by Karen Mercereau RN.

She does training, education and works as a Independent RN Patient advocate also known as iRNPA.  Patient Advocacy is something I feel very strongly about so I’m glad to see a program that supports and trains nurses how to be a Patient Advocate, which as all nurses know can be hard to do at times. Check out her web site at .

Next is Sharon Zelinko RN, Inventor ~ What this nurse invented I know most of us nurses have had a problem with at one time or another. She invented a scissors called Gripsors. Check out her web site at and watch the video on the home page to see what I am talking about. What a great idea, I wish I would of thought of this.

Third is Karon Gibson RN, CEO of AmeriaNurse, Producer and Host of outspoken TV shows. When Karon was asked what her earning potential is she replied –  Millions.

Do you think you could make that kind of money in your current nursing position? I don’t think so.

I liked this eBook, it’s a short easy read.  LeaRea did a good job of asking the kinds of questions a beginner nurse starting out in business would want to know.

Not all nurses interviewed answered the questions in detail but they all did agree to be contacted by any nurse interested in learning  more about what it takes to start a nursing business.

Here’s the link for more details ~ Nurse Entrpreneur Network.

At the site you will find the list of the 10 nursing specialties and questions asked. If none of them interest you than this eBook is not for your but I think you’re gonna find a nursing specialty of interest.

Remember, you can contact any of the nurses mentioned in this book to find out more information. This is Hugh because when starting out in business it’s important to find someone who is doing what you want to do and contact them. They’ll be able to give you insight and advice on how to get started. Valuable information you can’t get from reading books.

Happy Reading!

Tina 🙂