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What Are the Advantages of an Online LPN to RN Program?

If you are considering taking up a Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse to Registered Nurse program, then good for you – the benefits of becoming an RN are quite plentiful, as this allows you to earn more and do more in your field.  But one thing you may or may not have considered is whether to go for an online LPN to RN program or not.  As many adult learners find it hard to go to school in a conventional campus setting, where students are typically younger and one’s job and family time can be severely compromised, taking online courses becomes a viable alternative to the standard setting.

Yes indeed – a lot of adults are returning to school for one reason or another, or taking up postgraduate courses, all while juggling an existing job and/or family.  But a good percentage of these adults take their classes online, and if you’re still unaware of the benefits of an online LPN to RN program, read on as we show you just what they are.

The first major benefit would be having numerous clinical sites that are near your location.  Several educational institutions with online LPN to RN programs have tied up with clinical sites, which would make it easier for you to complete your practicum without having to undergo so much stress and pressure.  You will receive the proper supervision from faculty members, who will in turn advise your course instructors about your performance.  As a result, you save time and money, and so does the school – everybody wins here.  And if you find a clinical site near you that turns out to be within your comfort zone, it could be the key to working as an RN immediately after you graduate.

Easy access to higher education is a very simple benefit or advantage of online LPN to RN programs, though that also applies to other forms of distance learning.  Allowing students to pursue a degree online makes this privilege available from the luxury of one’s home, but it isn’t just that where you can benefit from an online LPN to RN course.  Previous studies show that the increasing popularity of online learning underscores why it is important for the learning process to be continuous and dynamic, something that could also benefit you in your nursing practice.

Last, but not the least, online LPN to RN programs give you the flexibility you need, the perfect balance between your current job as an LPN, your family, if you have one, and your education.  More and more educational institutions are adopting online LPN to RN programs, because they recognize the need for post-graduate students, or those returning to school, to learn in such a way that it doesn’t adversely affect their lives away from school.