Become A Legal Nurse Consultant

A Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC) is a nurse who assists the attorney or law firm with the health care issues of a medical related legal case. A Legal Nurse Consultant assist attorneys in reading medical records, understanding medical terminology and the health-care system. Legal nurse consultant  screen cases for merit, assist with discovery, do medical research, review medical records, identify nursing standards of care, prepare reports and summaries on the extent of injury or illness, create demonstrative evidence, and locate or act as expert witnesses.

Employment opportunities for a LNC

Law Firm

This would be a great place to get experience as a Legal Nurse Consultant, work for a law firm (or one of the other agencies listed here) to gain the knowledge you need if you don’t want to start out on your own first.

Government Agency

There are many government agencies you could work for as a Legal Nurse Consultant such as the Health Department, the Police or Fire Department, any agency dealing with health issues, risk management, quality assurance or workman’s compensation just to name a few.

Insurance company

Here you can also work in risk management, workman’s compensation, medical compliance and personal injury.


You could teach others about Legal Nurse Consulting or write continuing education courses. articles, e-books or text books.

Self employment

You could specialize in the following areas:

~ personal injury
~ toxic torts
~ product liability
~ medical negligence
~ criminal law
~ elder law
~ expert witness
~ Life Care Planner

Education Needed

Legal Nurse Consultant  do not need to know the law, no law degree required, though you will need to know what certain things mean like discovery and negligence. Your main job as a Legal Nurse Consultant  is to interrupt the medical record, providing information about the case that will help the attorney decide if the case has merit. Become educated in this field so you can understand how the system works and the language they use. It will help you to be competent and confident is your new nursing career.

Legal Nurse Consultants do not need an advanced degree such as a Bachelors or Masters. If you are a  nurse (LPN or RN) with an active, current, non restricted license as a nurse you can become a LNC.

You also  do not need to be certified  to work as a Legal Nurse Consultant.  The American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants recommend that you work 2,000 hours as a LNC before taking their exam.

This is an online training course at an affordable cost of $89. It’s a 6 week course with training available to you 24/7. You never have to leave your home. There’s also a private forum to ask questions, get support or share what your are learning with other students. I took this course and happy to say it’s a great place to learn at an affordable price.

You could open your Legal Nurse Consulting business within 3 months from now, how cool is that!

Salary of a Legal Nurse Consultant

Legal Nurse Consultants who are self employed can charge anywhere from $75 an hour (when starting out) to $175 an hour. If you desire to work  for someone else like an insurance company or government agency the pay may be less (depending where you live) but the benefits may far out way the salary. The earning potential is there to make more than you ever would working in a hospital, nursing home or clinic setting.

Wouldn’t that be nice to get paid what you’re worth!

Tina 🙂